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Rachel Jamerson (1943- ) Was born in an isolated area of Patrick County Virginia the last of six siblings. A quiet child who preferred being alone rather than in a group. She hated small talk, impracticality and unclear instructions. Rachel wasn’t the type to just follow directions without knowing what she was doing and why. These attributes along with love for doing research evolved into a desire to write.

After becoming a Christian, her desire to write and quest for answers were dedicated to understanding God’s message to man. What exactly was He saying and why were there so many different interpretations? As a result, she became an avid student of scripture. Spiritual Compass contains excerpts from various articles written over the years. It also takes the reader on a simple walk through the Word of God and offers insights derived from the personal journey of others.

It is not her intention to tell others what to believe, just to share her experiences and lessons learned. The Bible is an indispensable road map providing the traveler with the knowledge necessary to safely navigate life. It is the authors hope that the reader will become skilled in the use of the only reliable map made available for life’s journey.