Broken Cistern

“God uses broken things.”  ~Vance Havner

A beautiful cistern was molded                                                            Shapped by the master’s hand
A vessel prepared for water
In a dry and thirsty land

The rainbow shared its colors
With the vessel created to stand
Silently by the wayside
Placed by the master’s hand.

To refresh the weary traveler
As he trudged through the desert sand
To reach the life-giving water
Lest he perish in the land

Soon those refreshed by her water
Abused the master’s plan
Damaged his beautiful vessel
Left it broken in the sand.

Unable to hold the water
And no longer able to stand
The vessel grieved its damage
Seeking the master’s hand.

He gently gathered her pieces
From the dry and dusty sand
And lov-ing-ly repaired them
As only the master can.

Once again the beautiful cistern
Held life-giving water for man
Standing proudly by the wayside
Fulfilling the master’s plan

But something had been added
A defect totally unplanned
Visible marks on the surface
Where the cracks were beforehand

The cistern cried to the master
I do not understand
Why scars mar my beauty
Where the painful cracks have been

The master said as he touched her
Where the brokenness had been
The scars remain to remind you
You can be broken again.

R. Jamerson