Soles Defining Souls by Lori Dixon

Recommended Reading….a must for all women.

Soles Defining Souls: Walking In the Shoes of Different Church Ladies
. . . and Those Who Left
Copyright © 2015 by Lori E. Dixon
Published in Abbotsford, British Columbia by LKM Publishing

Defining souls offers an exceptional insight into the hearts and souls of women.  While focusing on the different personalities found in our places of worship, the analogy is easily applied to women everywhere.  We are all unique and different; God made us that way.  We are different parts of the same picture.  Our size, shape, and coloring are all designed to enhance the overall landscape as God intended. God’s plan is perfect, but we are not.   The problems arise when the pieces of the puzzle are offended by the shape and size of other pieces, and attempt to manipulate God’s design by usurping His authority in their placement.

The author’s use of different shoes easily defines the different personalities in a way that does not diminish their importance.  Offering the reader a chance to see beyond the action and understand the why.  Not only in the lives of others but also in their own.

“Your actions will always be what the world sees, but people who choose to see through God’s eyes will always have the compassion to understand why.”

― Shannon L. Alder