Do You Have a Map?

If you were traveling through a hostile country where death could be waiting around the next bend in the road, what would you give for a reliable map that would lead you to safety?  We are all on a spiritual journey through uncharted territory.  It began with the first breath and will end with the final breath.

What does your journey look like?  Are you mindlessly traveling through this life without a compass, or do you look to others to show you the way?  I would imagine there are many different ideas as to what your journey should look like, however, you are the one who will make the choices and experience the consequences.  That said, where do you go for direction?

An overwhelming majority of citizens in our country believe the information you need is found in the Judeo Christian Bible. Most individuals who read the Bible believe it contains the word of God; either literal or at least inspired. However, according to ‘Who Reads the Bible and Why’ by David Briggs,  two-thirds of those who do not read it, share the same opinion.

Do you believe as do most Americans that the scriptures contain the answers to life?  That it is a reliable map to follow?


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